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Factory Suspension For All: Motion Instruments Data Acquisition

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"Tune Suspension Like a Pro" - Vital MTB Reviews Motion Instruments Enduro Expert System

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Motion Instruments offers affordable suspension data acquisition for the masses




MotionIQ assesses and advises on mountain bike suspension




DVO's Prototype 4-Way Adjustable Coil-Sprung Shock - Crankworx Whistler 2019

In between looking at new suspension, DVO's Bryson Martin pulled out a black case that held Motion Instruments' (disregard the Aim sticker on the unit - it fooled me, too) upcoming mountain bike suspension data logger. DVO has been using this little guy to develop and tune their latest forks and shocks, and Martin said that the easy-to-use system has been a game-changer for them. It employs a relatively small linear potentiometer, at least compared to those used on car or motorbike data loggers from Motion Instruments, as well as an accelerometer and gyro sensor. To tell you what's going on, it sends all of the information, including vibration measurements, to your smartphone via the MotionIQ app.


IBIS Cycles Announces Mojo HD5 and Traction Tune Developed Using MotionIQ Technology

Jeff Kendallweed Test Rides the New IBIS Mojo HD5 and Sets Up Suspension Using MotionIQ

BikeCo’s “Motion IQ and the How To of Suspension Testing Data Analytics”


Detailed Suspension Data Acquisition to Riders Like You