System 2 is a mountain bike data analysis system, designed to make the suspension tuning process easier and faster. The system is simple to install, easier to understand and more durable than any system on the market.


System 2 is designed to work with cross-country, trail, enduro and downhill air spring forks (dual crown forks require a fork adapter). The new Fork Tracer can easily adapt to different bikes with minimal setup time and the Rear Tracer simplifies capturing rear suspension activity.

The Fork Tracer uses an innovative induction sensor to capture position without a wearing constant contact mechanism.

The Rear Tracer measures the angle rotation of a linkage pivot using a precision magnetic positioning sensor.

Unlike traditional potentiometer based systems, both Front and Rear designs are 100% electronic and do not wear out with normal use.

One System, All Bikes

Whether you’re riding a cross-country, enduro or downhill bike, tuning your bike’s suspension will not only give you a better ride, it will improve your efficiency, control and lessen fatigue. You may feel that your current setup is adequate but it may just be the beginning of what’s possible. But you’ll never know without data.

With System 2, you’ll see how much of the travel is being used at each wheel, and the time it’s spending there. You’ll be able to make educated adjustments and see how those changes directly affect your ride. With lightweight cross-country bikes, suspension efficiency is critical to gaining speed, adjusting to different terrain, and adapting as you get faster. For enduro, you’ll want to the right balance between pedaling performance and bump absorption over a variety of terrain. And for downhill, you’ll squeeze every microsecond you can out of your bike, and even be able to compare changes immediately after each test run.

MotionIQ App

The heart of System 2 is the MotionIQ app. It records data from multiple sensors while you ride your favorite trails or dial in a racecourse. Use your iPhone, Apple Watch or Android to gather data wirelessly and make recordings, then view the results instantly on your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Android. All of your data is stored securely on your iCloud account or your favorite cloud storage provider. Use MotionIQ to view your suspension sag in real time, see how often you bottom out, or compare your front/rear balance. You can generate a report to easily compare results from multiple runs using your favorite spreadsheet application.