All systems will ship in 1-4 weeks.

MotionIQ, the Motion Instruments App, will record, analyze, and display suspension analytics. With the rapid advancement of modern suspension and bike geometry, we felt the only way to find your perfect fit was comprehensive data analytics, but it had to be simple and easy to use.  

Our technology has led to radically different suspension settings and tunes and has challenged assumptions that were set in stone long ago. Our technology will help riders of all levels. Our free MotionIQ app will deliver unprecedented insights into your fork and shock. If you want to dig deeper into your specific bike, we provide support for most bikes (growing daily) with MotionIQ Expert. You’ll have the ability to see how your wheels are interacting with the terrain vs. just looking at damper speeds. Finally, if you want deep insights into bike balance and rich comparison of settings, then MotionIQ Pro is available. Each package is affordable and can be purchased on a monthly basis. 

With MotionIQ, you’ll gain actionable insights that is specific to your bike (geometry & leverage ratio) and terrain you are riding. Your data is available immediately, on the trail, without any dependence on internet connectivity. Visit the Apple App Store to download now. Android is planned for a future release.






$9.99/Month or $99/Year


  • Free watch app
  • Two bike profiles included free
  • Unlimited bike models (i.e. shock curves)
  • Unlimited recordings
  • Record your suspension performance, sag, dynamic ride height, suspension settings, bike speed, elevation, and vibration
  • Upload recordings to Strava and view your trail segments
  • Focus results on specific Strava segments or any segment you define
  • View your fork/shock balance
  • View your ride on a map or export to Google Earth 
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Axle Position Statistics
  • Compression Speed Histograms
  • Rebound Speed Histograms
  • Position Histograms
  • Deep axle Histograms
  • Automatic backups to your iCloud storage
  • Export data to Matlab or similar tools 

MotionIQ Expert Features plus…

  • Unlimited bike profiles
  • Waveform viewer
  • Customize your balance chart
  • Create reports and export to Excel
  • 3rd party cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc)

MotionIQ Pro Features plus…

  • Onboarding new clients is quick and intuitive 
  • You can setup multiple bikes for each client
  • All of your client data is organized and easy to find
  • Easy to send messages directly to your clients from the Coach app
  • Clients use a free app to make recordings, and recordings are uploaded automatically to the cloud
  • All fees are collected through the Coach app so your clients will never get bothered with payments
  • Includes 10 recordings for each rider. Additional recordings are $1.99 
  • Learn more about Motion IQ Coach Edition





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    motioniq product data sheet