MotionIQ App

The heart of System 2 is the MotionIQ app. It records data from multiple sensors while you ride your favorite trails or dial in a racecourse. Use your iPhone, Apple Watch or Android to gather data wirelessly and make recordings, then view the results instantly on your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Android. All of your data is stored securely on your iCloud account or your favorite cloud storage provider. Use MotionIQ to view your suspension sag in real time, see how often you bottom out, or compare your front/rear balance. Racers can generate a report to easily compare results from multiple runs using your favorite spreadsheet application.

MotionIQ allows you to create unlimited recordings and download all of our supported bike models. Upgrading to the Pro level will unlock additional features including the waveform viewer, balance chart controls, and reports. Pro subscription: Monthly -$9.99; Yearly - $99.99

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MotionIQ Expert


  • Free watch app
  • Unlimited bike model geometry files
  • Unlimited recordings
    Store two bike profiles and quickly switch between them
  • Optionally record all suspension settings
  • Measure static sag, dynamic ride height, and every suspension stroke
  • Visualize bottom-outs, stroke speed, fork/shock balance and more
  • Automatically upload your rides to Strava and use Strava segments to filter your suspension results
  • Use the ride map or elevation chart to create your own segments
  • View your data from all of your iOS devices
  • Automatic backups to your iCloud account
  • Export data to Matlab, Google Earth, Garmin or similar

MotionIQ Pro

$9.99/Month or $99/Year

MotionIQ Expert features plus...

  • Unlimited bike profiles
  • Waveform viewer
  • Easily compare front and rear suspension balance & metrics
  • Customize your balance chart
  • A/B report generator and export to Excel
  • 3rd party cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc)

MotionIQ Coach


MotionIQ Pro Features plus…

  • Onboarding new clients is quick and intuitive 
  • You can setup multiple bikes for each client
  • All of your client data is organized and easy to find
  • Easy to send messages directly to your clients from the Coach app
  • Clients use a free app to make recordings, and recordings are uploaded automatically to the cloud
  • All fees are collected through the Coach app so your clients will never get bothered with payments
  • Includes 10 recordings for each rider. Additional recordings are $1.99