All systems will ship in 1-4 weeks.

Will MotionIQ run in the background?

Yes, when you black out your iPhone, the MotionIQ app will continue running in the background.  

Why don't I see my bike listed?

If your bike is supported by MotionIQ and you don't see it in your list, you need to refresh the list. Go to BikeSetup / Model, then click the "+" sign at the bottom of the page. This will bring up the list of bikes on our web server. To refresh the list, just scroll the list down until you see the spinning wheel. This will cause MotionIQ to query the server and refresh the list. Note: You need to have internet access when doing this process. 

May 18, 2020: Why did Strava stop working?

You need to pay for your Strava App in order for MotionIQ to pull segments from your ride. You can still push your tracks to Strava for free, but you won't get the segments into MotionIQ without paying for Strava.

How do I clean and maintain the MIPS sensors?

The seals in the linear sensors, which may initially exhibit more drag than other brands, are Viton O-ring seals and PTFE.

Acetones, MEK or other such solvents should not be used as these are not compatible with Viton.  Isopropyl alcohol is fine to use, but  diacetone is not.

 Baby wipes work well for quick wipe-down of shafts, to remove dust and grime, and shafts can be re-lubricated with very small amount of grease just to give shaft a sheen, so literally a dot on the end of a cotton swab painted around the shaft and spread by exercising the sensor. Excess can be wiped of with rag. Teflon dry lube spray can also be used but the shaft should be allowed to dry fully as not to drag the carrying solvent into the seals, before sensor is exercised.

Do I have to carry my phone with me?

A: If you are asking this here, we've failed in our messaging somehow :-) Yes, you need to carry your phone with you. The phone is your data logger, post ride computer, and distribution engine to archive and move your data around the internet. If you have a large phone, you can purchase a refurbished iPhone SE or 7, both are great options. You can also purchase an iPod touch, but you'll lose GPS and there are some great features that are enabled by GPS. Your MotionIQ subscription will be available on all iOS devices in your Apple ID domain. 

I’m getting a calibration error, what is wrong?

A: You have a mounting issue with the sensor. Most likely you have mounted the sensor shorter than the stroke of your fork or shock. This will damage the sensor if you bottom out so MotionIQ will throw an error. The solution is to re-mount the sensor to ensure the sensor stroke range is greater than the shock or fork sensor range. Another option is you may have the wrong stroke length defined for the bike: Example, you have a 160mm fork, but the bike was defined with a 180mm fork. Just change this in the bike setup by typing in the correct length of the fork. 

Is the rear sensor difficult to install?

A: Every bike is different. If yours is challenging, we can work directly with you to provide suggestions. We haven't met a bike we can't measure, some are easy, some are difficult. Here's a guide on what has been successful for us: MIPS Rear Install Guide

Can I record the rear shock only?

A: Yes. Set the bike up as a generic softail and connect the shock only. Configure the shock as you normally would by setting the rear axle travel and shock travel. After you make the recording you can view the shock and rear axle results but the fork results will be disabled.

Why does MotionIQ need the leverage curve for the bike?

A: Knowing instantaneous leverage at an position in the travel is interesting for a shock manufacturer, but we don't really care about leverage. What we care about is calculating the rear axle position based on what position we measure on the shock. MotionIQ quantifies how the bike is interacting with the ground, not just shock and fork speeds. So we are comparing up/down motion of the front and rear axle in equivalent ways so we can quantify bike balance, etc. 

I can’t get my sensor to connect, what’s up?

A: 1) To save battery life, we put the sensor processor to sleep after 10 seconds. Also, we don't want the processor advertising when you are transporting your bike in your bike rack. So we put in a motion processor to wake the processor from sleep. Just shake the bike for 1 second by bouncing it up & down. 2) The sensor battery may be dead. Pull the battery, and put in a new one. (Please see the technique to remove the battery below) 3) Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. 4) Make sure you hold the phone next to the sensor. Holding the phone next to the sensor while connecting will ensure you don’t accidentally connect to the wrong one (A feature we created after Greg Minnaar accidentally connected to the wrong sensor…)

Do I need to calibrate my bike every time I ride?

A: No, but it’s a good idea to do it every now and then. To check, go into live mode and see if your current positions are at zero when you lift up the bike. If they are, it’s probably calibrated. If not, go into the bike setup and re-calibrate. If you remove the sensor to wash your bike, just re-calibrate the next time you ride. We made it easy and it’s good hygiene. 

Can I use my sensors on multiple bikes?

A: Yes. If you want to save the profiles, you must have a paid version of MotionIQ (Expert or Pro). Then it’s just a button click to switch to a saved bike. 

How do I upload my tracks to Strava?

A: First make sure you have an active account with Strava. In MotionIQ go to the map view of your ride, tap export, then select Strava. The first time you do this you will need to enter your Stava username+password and grant access to MotionIQ. 

If my monthly subscription expires, do I lose all of my data?

A: No, your data will be on your phone. However, you will lose the ability to share files and accept files from your friends. 

Is it possible to share my bike definition (.mibd) file?

A: Yes, navigate to the bike setup / model, then hit the select button on the upper right.  Select 1 or more files you want to export. Hit the export button, lower left. Then choose the method to transfer the files.

If I don’t see my bike file available, how do I proceed testing with my bike?

  1. Send an email to and request a file be made for your bike. 
  2. You can use a generic soft tail to begin testing in the meantime. Set your rear axle travel length and your ratio (AxleTravel / ShockTravel). 

How do I get the battery out of the Transceiver and Tracer?

The battery is tough to get out, but it’s not difficult if you know the trick.

You can use a razor blade and press it in between the battery housing and battery. This will pry out the battery evenly. 

Note: If you do break off one or both tabs that hold the battery in place, the battery cover is designed to hold down the battery in the correct location. 

Where are all of your supported bikes located in the app?

Navigate to Record / Bike Setup / Model, then hit the "+" sign at the bottom of the page. This list is growing daily. Send us a request for your bike if it's not listed:

Will a Downhill Kit fit on an Enduro bike?

For the air fork, yes, this will work. Buy the DH Pro bundle and add on an Enduro Fork Mounting kit. You can use the 250mm MIPS sensor down to 160mm forks. For the shock, this is bike dependent and you can ask us directly through the online help or an email to support. 

As a bike manufacturer, how do we get our bikes supported in MotionIQ?

We will need the details of the bike: Manufacturer, Make, Model, Year. We need the head tube angle. We also need the curve for the bike in spreadsheet form. We clearly need the shock position relative to the rear axle vertical position. If there are variants for the same frame, like a flip chip, or some other option, we need the curve for each variant and corresponding head tube angle. Send this request via email to: Your specific bike data cannot be seen. The files are encrypted on our file server. Only MotionIQ uses the file in cleartext during the analysis. We make every effort to keep this data confidential.  

If our rear sensor is tough to mount, do we have other options to mount the sensor?

Yes, but it may be a bit of work. If you are a manufacturer, this is trivial to support. If not, then a custom method is needed. You will have to work with us on the mounting location and provide us measurements we request. It also may be possible to use some of our brackets in unique ways to mount the sensor. Consult with us by sending us an email. Please include a lot of pics of the shock area. 

How come I can't upload my data to Strava?

1) You didn't have GPS turned on when you were riding. 2) You have someone else's file shared with you, but you didnt' record the file. Strava will not let you upload the same tracks that have already been uploaded by someone else.