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Why MI

Modern mountain bikes are engineering marvels. Frame and component materials, geometry, and wheels have made monumental advances in the last 25 years. You wouldn’t ride a bike without a dropper post today, but we all did for many years and didn’t question it until the benefits were obvious. The same is true with your suspension setup.

With this rapid advancement of modern suspension, we felt the only way to find your perfect fit was comprehensive data analytics, but it had to be simple and easy to use.

So after dozens of prototypes, thousands of lines of software, and hundreds of testing hours, we are stoked to roll our technology into a product line. Our technology has led to radically different suspension tunes and has challenged assumptions that were set in stone long ago. Check out our user stories to learn more.  


Your Data >Your Opinion
No Guesswork
The human brain is a valuable sensor, but it’s no substitute for hard data. Data logging is only the first step, you also need data analysis that is powerful and intuitive. Data has gravity, the more you collect, the heavier it weighs. So being able to sift through this data intelligently is also of great importance.  Motion Instruments was founded because after years of data acquisition and analysis, we determined that is impossible to correctly tune a bike without comprehensive data. The industry has greatly advanced suspension and frame kinematics. Now the challenge is to develop the bike to fit you and your riding style. An ever increasing number of suspension settings has led to bikes with billions of permutations. How can you correlate what you feel to a proposed suspension setting without guessing? And if you make the wrong change, could you get back to where you were? How do you quantify one setting over the other? Feel?



The Team

We are a team senior product engineers who also enjoy riding mountain bikes and motocross. Together we have decades of engineering experience plus countless hours of trail riding and working on our bikes in the garage. Today we have the privilege of working with some of the best riders on the planet. 

What began as a data acquisition project, quickly morphed into data analysis wrangling billions of data points in a pretty slick platform. Through testing and data analysis from professional riders and legends of the sport, our system has quantified what a well tuned bike looks like.

The system has also uncovered hidden benefits of existing products and we can quantify where things can be a lot better. Pros, product managers, engineers, and suspension tuners have had great success with our product and have used it to produce some really exciting results and new products.






Co Founder, Chief Software Developer


Co Founder, Mechanical Engineering







Have you heard of BikeCo? If you live in So Cal and you don't know, now you know... Joe Binatena works with all the top riders in the industry. He's Cody Kelley's mechanic, but everybody trusts Joe and will call him up for suspension service and tuning. We met Joe through Brian Lopes on the Ibis US Enduro team. Since then, we've worked with Joe on a few projects, starting with Cody's bike last year. Our software is a little intimidating at first, but Joe was like, "No problem dude, it's just telling you what the bike's doing right?". He and Cody have been breaking new ground since then. If you need a new bike or want to get yours performing, then go see Joe & his team. 

Woodside Bike Shop

Greg Dertorossian, owner of WBS, introduced us to Greg Minnaar back when all we had was a prototype made from a bent curtain rod connected to some dubious electronics taped to our handlebar. If you need a bike and want to visit a really crazy (hair on fire busy) bike shop, hit them up in Redwood City. Greg has done a lot for the community and has sponsored the Woodside Beasts, a local high school mountain bike team, for many years.

Santa Cruz Syndicate

We’ve learned a lot about our product and how to make it better working with the Syndicate team. This is a fantastic group of dedicated folks pushing the boundaries of Downhill racing. They have been very generous with their time and have included us in some really fun events. For us, working with The Syndicate put us into situations that really stressed out our product. Our technology made a huge leap forward working with this team.

Santa Cruz Bicycles

The engineering team at Santa Cruz Bikes, led by Nick Anderson, helped us a TON. From modifying a shape of a link on the V10 to accommodating our sensor, to providing proprietary leverage curves for prototype V10s. They have gone out of their way to support us. This is a fantastic company.


A heavyweight in the industry, Fox builds some of the best suspension out there. We learned a lot from testing alongside Greg and Fox. If everyone could have a Jordi Cortez or Ariel Lindsley by their side, there would be no need for our product. This is a great company focused on high quality.


Adam Krefting has built up an exceptional product line for mountain bikes and motorcycles. We have used CushCore in our MTB testing and we can quantify the benefits. We have also used KreftMoto on our dirt bikes. We are big fans. If you’ve got a KTM, Husky, or a modern mountain bike, you need to hit them up.

Ibis Cycles

Ibis is an iconic mountain bike brand founded in 1981 by a young hippie named Scot Nicol. We've partnered closely with Ibis on developing our data analytics platform. To date, they have generated more data than all of our internal testers combined. Their insights have allowed us to improve our product, specifically in the areas of dynamic Front/Rear balance. If you own an Ibis or are in the market, just know they're the real deal. They leave no stone un-turned during the development of their bikes.


We’ve worked with Ian Massey from Trail Technique. If you are a bay area or northern California rider looking to unlock the mysteries of going fast, check out Ian. I (Rob P) took a class from Ian and was surprised to discover how big of a difference tiny changes in body position and weight can have on your riding ability.

Yeti Cycles

We have worked with Yeti for a while. We’ve participated in their legendary lunch rides (and got smoked). We are lucky to work with this team. We will be introducing products and technology conceived from interaction with the Yeti team.

Brian Lopes

We have had great test sessions with Brian Lopes & Mike Davis from Mad Racing. Brian is a beast on a bike. If you’re racing against him as a pro half his age, best of luck to you:-) We look forward to continued testing with Brian and Mike in the coming months.

DVO Suspension

The guys at DVO rock. Bryson Sr. has built a great company and assembled a great team. It boggles my mind how difficult it is to build any hardware, but then add on the intricate tolerances needed to build suspension, wow. DVO is a smaller scrappy team and we are happy to be able to work with them.

DirtLabs Suspension

This is a fantastic suspension shop located in Longmont, CO. Owned by Mike “Luby” Leubesmier, these guys service 1000s of dampers per year and can provide custom tuning. We have discovered a lot of over damped bikes out there and these guys can help get you the perfect ride if a hardware change is needed. DirtLabs has been an early user of our technology and has provided great feedback.

A Singletrack Mind

Dylan Renn was one of our first riders on our system. If you are trying to become a better rider, make sure to look him up. While we believe a properly tuned suspension will unlock the door to speed and comfort, proper technique trumps setup any day of the week.

Fluid Focus

Fluid Focus is a full service suspension tuning shop in San Marcos, CA. They are a dedicated Ohlins moto and mtb tuning, service, and rebuild shop. Ryan worked for a number of years as a pro level suspension tech for top supercross and motocross riders. They are familiar with data and validate all tunes on a dyno. With a focus on perfection, they will be offering our MotionIQ data platform as a service to their local and remote customers.