Thank you for your interest in pre-ordering our product. You could be one of our first 500 customers. Shop Now to enjoy 25% off the list price of all product bundles. After 3 years of design and development our products are now going into production. We expect to ship your order within 6-10 weeks of purchase. We have many happy paying customers today including several top bicycle and suspension OEMs. You’ll also see our system on a few World Cup and EWS race teams this year.  

Please note: Coronavirus is currently having an impact on manufacturing globally. Our circuit board manufacturing could be delayed due to restrictions on shipping and plant closures. 

Before you click buy…

  • We are happy to answer your questions! Please use the chat feature on the website to contact us directly
  • iOS only, Android will come sometime in the future
  • Mounting the rear sensor may take some skill and ingenuity
  • Consider starting with the front fork if you are not comfortable installing the rear sensor

  • Currently our app only runs on iPhone and iPad. We have plans to support Android but it’s not committed to a date. If you want to buy an iOS product, iPhone 7’s can be purchased on eBay for ~150.00. 

    We want you to have a great experience with our products. But we want to provide proper expectations. Your time is valuable and we do not want to waste it. If you do click buy, we will support you to the best of our ability. Installing the rear shock will take some patience and care. Check out our blog on mounting the MIPS sensor, you will see a few different bikes listed with various mounting hardware. By the time our system ships, we will have these mounting brackets for sale at a reasonable cost. We are manufacturing them now. If you have a challenging bike, send us an email with pictures of your shock. 


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