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Want to Become the Top Suspension Tuning Shop in Your Area?

Motion Instruments' MotionIQ Coach enables shops to tune customers’ bikes
using suspension data analysis

Motion Instruments has expanded the MotionIQ app capabilities with the addition of the Coach platform, enabling service providers to offer suspension data tuning as a service to their customers. With MotionIQ Coach, customers can rent a Motion Instruments system, ride at their leisure, and get data-driven tuning recommendations from an experienced professional.

With today’s advanced suspension technology and wide range of rider types, there is a strong need for comprehensive data analytics to get the most out of bike tuning. Such a system needs to be relatively simple to set up, robust, and provide in-depth analysis with a complete breakdown of suspension data shown in an intuitive set of displays. MotionIQ Coach is the platform you have been waiting for and delivers on this promise.

Motion Instruments has developed the MotionIQ Coach platform, a game-changing system never seen before in the bike industry. By using bike-specific data along with rider feedback, service providers are able to bypass the guessing game and find a custom setup that customers love in record time. The MotionIQ Coach architecture leverages web-scale technology and a cloud file system to organize the customers’ data so you don’t need to store it and can access it anytime. The system can be deployed with minimal impact on daily operations. 

Our Coach Edition app is specifically designed for working with clients:

  • Onboarding new clients is quick and intuitive
  • You can setup multiple bikes for each client
  • All of your client data is organized and easy to find
  • Easy to send messages directly to your clients from the Coach app
  • Clients use a free app to make recordings, and recordings are uploaded automatically to the cloud
  • All fees are collected through the Coach app so your clients will never get bothered with payments

MotionIQ Coach allows you to create user profiles for your clients with the ability to set up multiple bikes. All of the data recordings are organized by client and bike and you will receive notifications when new recordings are available. Your clients will see a very simple screen where they can start and stop the recording. They can also view the list of recordings to make sure they were sent to the cloud. 

The MotionIQ Coach app works with all Pro and Expert hardware and is designed to manage numerous customers and bikes. It features a customer relationship management interface that is tied to the customers’ Motion Instruments cloud file storage, making it easy to access and manage data files. It also allows for files to be sent from the MotionIQ Pro app to any Coach regardless of their location, opening up the possibility of offering expert advice to riders anywhere in the world.

The goal of the system is to make the user experience easy, and give shops the ability to offer a higher level of service. It will eliminate suspension guesswork and turn a difficult problem, with highly subjective solutions, into a business opportunity and a better experience for the customer. Not only will it inspire more confidence from your customer, it will bring customers into your shop looking for this service. You will immediately become the go-to suspension shop in your area. 

Once the hardware is installed on the customer’s bike (a typical install takes about 20 minutes), the customer just needs to click a link in an onboarding email and everything will be automatically set up for their bike profile. Then the customer is free to ride and test on his/her own schedule. It’s really that easy for the customer: Go ride, hit done, and the files are uploaded to the cloud and a notification is sent to the coach. Then the rider just waits for instructions on what to try next. 

Motion Instruments’ systems capture and analyze suspension information anywhere, anytime, without the burden of a laptop or wireless network.

With the MotionIQ Coach app, your customers can enjoy all the benefits of a Motion Instruments’ data analytics system at a much lower cost while benefiting from your expert advice. MotionIQ Coach incorporates bike-, rider- and terrain-specific data that utilizes the bike’s geometry and leverage curve. It shows how the wheels are interacting with the terrain in conjunction with the damper shaft motion. It is the only system that quantifies bike balance, comparing front and rear bike-to-ground interaction for compression and rebound movement, which is a key element to great handling and stability. It provides in-depth analysis with a complete breakdown of fork and shock data with the information laid out clearly, highlighting virtual o-ring watermarks for specific trail events, position and velocity histograms, and terrain-specific analysis. It also makes it easy to share and save files using your phone - all without the need for a laptop or wireless network. As your business scales, you won’t be burdened by managing the influx of data. 

With MotionIQ Coach and some modest training, you can become the go-to suspension authority in your area and set up your customers’ bikes better than ever. Reading The Science of Using Data to Tune Modern Mountain Bikes is a great start to help get you up to speed. You’ll be tuning suspension like a World Cup mechanic and solving the puzzle of suspension before you know it, and gaining a larger, loyal customer base that will ultimately lead to more sales. 

The cost of the MotionIQ Coach app is $99 per year, which is a 65% discount compared to MotionIQ Pro, our fully featured data analysis software. To service each customer, shops pay $19.99 per rider, per bike, and get a 25% discount off hardware on their first order. While shops will set the cost to the client based on the test package they want to offer, riders can expect to pay about $200 for a deep suspension analysis test session that includes hardware installation and several test sessions followed by tuning discussions and recommendations. The MotionIQ Data Logger is free for the customer.

 Download The MotionIQ Coach Edition for iOS here:


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