All systems will ship in 1-4 weeks.

Motion Instruments has developed an advanced sensor array that uses your phone to record, analyze, and display suspension analytics.
With the rapid advancement of frame geometry, kinematics, and suspension technology, we felt the only way to find your perfect fit was comprehensive data analytics, but it had to be simple and easy to use.


After dozens of prototypes, thousands of lines of software, and hundreds of testing hours, we are ready to deliver our system to you. Our technology has led to radically different suspension tunes and has challenged assumptions that were set in stone long ago.

 Engineered For Elite Performance

Sensors are built to last

Quantify Rider Vibration
Advanced vibration analysis

Performance Analysis
Detailed Fork & Shock analysis

Advanced Reporting
Side-by-side setting history & analysis

Suspension Taxonomy
Comprehensive visualization & terminology

High Sample Rate
Capture every moment with high resolution

Instant Analysis
View your results, anywhere, anytime

Bike Balance
Data visualization to quantify balance dynamically

Scalable Data Platform
Easily store, manage, & share data in the cloud

Your bike geometry & leverage curve


MotionIQ App

The MotionIQ app works with all devices sold by Motion Instruments. Put the power of suspension analysis right in your pocket and get instant results right on the trail. Our free MotionIQ app will deliver unprecedented insights into your fork and shock, and we offer affordable subscription plans to unlock additional features for Experts, Pros, and teams. MotionIQ provides features not found anywhere else, and we are really excited about new features in the pipeline. Visit the MotionIQ product page to read more about it.  

Visit the Apple App Store to download now. Android is planned for a future release.


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Handlebar Button

The Tracer Handlebar Button is an innovative Bluetooth transmitter that is designed to allow interaction with MotionIQ without touching your phone. There are two major use cases for the button:

1) Setting sag - When measuring static sag on your bike, just set your phone into set-sag mode, get on your bike in your riding position, and then push the handlebar button. That’s it. One click sag measurement.

2) Dropping pins (markers) while you ride - When you push the button, pins will be placed into your data.

If something didn't feel right, click the button. The pin will help you quickly find what happened. In addition, multiple pins in your data will enable you to analyze any section of trail between any two pins. If there is a section of trail that you want to analyze in isolation, you don’t have to stop the bike and record just that section, instead, just push the button before and after. When you are done with your ride, you can create a Trace Filter that will re-calculate the data for that section. Pins are clearly marked on your GPS map and your waveform graph. 


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MIPS Position Sensor

The Motion Instruments Position Sensor (MIPS) is our highest quality and most accurate linear potentiometer designed to be used in rugged environments. Flexible mounting is facilitated by heim joint rod ends and Motion Instruments provides different mounting options for shock or fork use with the correct length sensor. MIPS sensors come terminated with a Motion Instruments Tracer Transceiver. All Pro and Expert systems use a MIPS rear position sensor while only the Pro systems use a MIPS fork sensor for maximum accuracy. 


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Tracer Position Sensor

The Tracer position sensor is a durable linear potentiometer that offers similar benefits of the MIPS sensor at a lower cost because it does not require a separate Tracer Transceiver. With MI’s Fork Tracer, you get an integrated package that is accurate and reliable. This allows for an easy and clean setup and the accuracy is ~99% vs. 99.9% of the MIPS position sensor. A fork Tracer sensor is supplied with each Expert system.


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Tracer Transceiver (Used with third party sensors)

The Motion Instruments' Tracer Transceiver is designed to be used with AIM third party sensors. The Transceiver is terminated with a 4-pin female Binder connector commonly used with AIM potentiometer position sensors. A Tracer Transceiver can be ordered with support for any length AIM position sensor.


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