Racing requires dedication, commitment, and hard work. There is another aspect to racing and one of the often overlooked is mental. To have the right mental state when pushing your bike to the start line, you need to have confidence in your bike. You can’t be second guessing yourself on setup, training, nutrition, etc. Fitness and nutrition are easy to understand, you either put in the work, or you don’t. Bike setup, on the other hand, can play with your mind. 

A key aspect of rider feeling on the bike is suspension setup. Your suspension setup must evolve depending on the track conditions and ability to hold on. You need to quickly adapt. With suspension data, you will gain insights into your bike setup and understand what you need from the bike to support your riding style. As your setup evolves, you will see your data evolve as well. Knowing what works for you and what doesn’t will have a huge benefit in your training program. Knowing why you like a particular setup is also important and will have an impact on your mental state when racing. When modifying your suspension with your tuner, you will also know what you are chasing and will be able to see if you hit the mark when you take your first test run. 

The Motion Instruments Moto Kit is designed to quickly install and remove. Use it when you are testing, remove it when you are racing or training. The kit consists of high quality front and rear position sensors, mounting hardware for the fork and shock, and a wireless handlebar button. The button is used to drop pins into the data while you are riding. You can tap the button if something didn’t quite feel right, or if you want to mark a particular section of the track or trail, like a whoop or rhythm section. After your ride, you can isolate your data analysis between any 2 pins to see how your bike is performing. 

The MotionIQ app records all of your data onto your iOS device while you are riding. Data is sent wirelessly so there are no data loggers, wires, etc. When you have finished your ride, hit done in the app and you’ll get an instant readout. You’ll see where you rode with our mapping function and GPS tracks. You will have a complete breakdown of front and rear position and velocity metrics. You can audio dictate notes into the file and keep track of all of your settings. Finally, you’ll see how balanced your bike is for compression and rebound. You'll know if the front and rear working together or not. 

If you are serious about racing, then you need a data system for your suspension. If you are training with a heart rate monitor, a power meter on your mountain bike, following a strict diet, and have a fitness plan, then you must have a bike development plan. You can guess and second guess your settings and waste a lot of time, or you can use data to eliminate the guesswork.

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