All systems will ship in 1-4 weeks.

WARNING: Your Tracers are not compatible with iOS 16. If you do not update your Tracer firmware before updating to iOS 16 they may become unusable and you will need to ship them back to us for repair. This applies to everyone using MotionIQ no matter what type of Tracers you have.  

To those who have already updated to iOS 16 we will do whatever is necessary to get this resolved. Please follow the instructions below in the section "Alternative Firmware Upgrade Procedure" 

Good News!

The fix is complete and a new app should be available in the App Store soon. We fixed the compatibility issue with iOS 16 and we made other improvements to our Bluetooth connection software as well. With this new app it should be easier than ever to connect and calibration your Tracers. 

Follow These Steps

  1. Install fresh batteries in all Tracers
  2. Update MotionIQ to version 2.46.9 or newer
  3. Update your Tracers
  4. Update to iOS 16 

Let's walk through those steps in a little more detail. You are going to update the firmware on your Tracers. Updating firmware takes a lot more power so it is critical that you start with a fresh battery in your Tracer, otherwise your device could become bricked.

The app update should be available from the App Store by Tuesday. I will send another email when Apple publishes the app. Just get the update from the App Store as you always do. Make sure you have the correct version by opening the app and going into the About tab and scrolling down a bit. You should see MotionIQ version 2.46.9 or newer. 

The next step is to update your Tracer firmware. If you have not completed your bike setup or connected to any tracers then skip down to the section called "Alternate Firmware Upgrade Procedure"

If you already have your bike setup in the app just open the app and go into the Record screen and wakeup your Tracers. Hold your phone as close as possible to your tracers. After a few seconds you should see a popup message:

Tap the upgrade button to get started. It should only take about 15 seconds to run the update. When finished your Tracers should reconnect automatically. 

Tap on the battery icon to check the firmware version number. Make sure you have version 351.

Do you see version 351? If you did then you completed the upgrade successfully. If you have another Tracer in a drawer somewhere then make sure to upgrade that Tracer as well before upgrading to iOS 16. 


My app version is not 2.46.9
Open the App Store app and tap on your account icon in the top right. Scroll down to view your available updates. MotionIQ should be in that list. Go ahead and update the app now. If you don't see the update then it probably isn't on the App Store yet.

I do not get the popup message to update firmware
Make sure you are connected to ALL tracers. For example If you selected a full suspension bike but you only connect to the fork tracer this will not work. Change your bike type to "generic hardtail" and try again.

Another possibility is that one of your tracers has a weak battery or weak signal strength. Hold your phone nearby both tracers for a few seconds. For a full suspension bike hold the phone in the middle of the bike so it is the same distance from both tracers.  

If you still have problems then follow the instructions below in the section "Alternate Firmware Upgrade Procedure"

I already updated to iOS 16
There are a couple things you can do. First if you have another iPhone or iPad that was not updated to iOS 16 you can use that device to upgrade your Tracers. You do not need a paid subscription so you can borrow a friends phone for example. Just install MotionIQ on the other device and follow the steps above. If you don't have a second device then follow these steps below for "Alternate Firmware Upgrade Procedure"

Alternate Firmware Upgrade Procedure

  1. Open MotionIQ and go into your bike setup screen. If you get the popup for firmware upgrade just tap "Later" to dismiss the popup.
  2. Tap [Reset] button in the bottom left corner
  3. Connect to your fork tracer now. Do not connect to your shock tracer yet. Keep the phone very close to your fork tracer until the upgrade is complete.
  4. Watch your fork button for 5-10 seconds. If you have a good connection it will stay green. If the connection fails the button will change from green to warning to green to warning in a loop.
  5. Wait for the button to change green and tap on the button and tap "Upgrade". Do this as fast as possible!! Try to tap upgrade in less than a second after the button changes to green. The upgrade will only take a few seconds and the tracer will reconnect automatically.
  6. Tap on the green button again to check the firmware version is 351. Repeat this procedure with your shock tracer.
  7. If the upgrade fails or you don't see version 351 then reset the device (pull the battery out/in) and try again. 

Contact us for help
If none of this is working for you please contact us and we will make it right. You can send email to to get started. We can walk you through the upgrade over the phone or get you a shipping label.