New app feature: Data Logger Link


Today we are rolling out a new feature for MotionIQ called Data Logger Link. You may find this new feature useful if:

  • You want to help a family member or friend with their suspension setup, but you don’t want them to ride the bike with your iPhone. 
  • You want to take your Android phone with you on the bike and you also have access to an iPad or iPhone for analyzing the results

We provide a very simple companion app called Data Logger which you can run on any iOS or Android device. This app is very lightweight and designed for the sole purpose of making recordings on your bike. The recordings are sent to the cloud where you can access them with your iOS device for analysis. 

Getting Started

All users of MotionIQ can use the Data Logger Link and there is no need to upgrade your subscription.

If you already know how to setup your bike with MotionIQ then you should have no problem using the Data Logger Link. If you havn’t setup a bike before you can check out one of our YouTube videos or download the instruction manual. 

To give you an idea of how this works without getting down into the details, here are the basic steps to follow:

  1. Configure your bike settings
  2. Send an invitation email to your 2nd device
  3. Install the Data Logger app and bike settings
  4. Connect your Tracer devices
  5. Start making recordings
  6. Review those recordings on your iOS device

Hope that makes sense. Now let’s repeat those steps with more details: 

  1. Open MotionIQ and look for Data Logger Link on the About page. Tap on the icon and tap on [Configure]
  2. Think about the bike your friend is going to use. Configure the bike model and the settings for that bike. You can always change these later if needed.
  3. Click on the [Send Invitation] button at the bottom. This will send an email containing all the information needed to get the bike setup. 
  4. Receive the email on your 2nd device. The email will contain a link to download the Data Logger app to your 2nd device. Proceed to the next step when you have the Data Logger installed.
  5. Tap on the email attachment and forward the attachment to the Data Logger app
  6. The Data Logger app will open and send you straight into the setup screen. Connect your Tracer device(s) now and calibrate
  7. The app will take you to the main screen when you finish calibration. 
    1. Tap on the chart to view live data from your Tracers
    2. Optionally you can record your sag by tapping [Set Sag] 
    3. Tap [Record] to start a new recording and tap stop when finished. Recordings will be sent up to the cloud immediately if you have a good network connection, otherwise they will be queued up and sent later.
  8. Return to your iOS device and go over to your Results screen. This will refresh the display and download all recordings you made on the 2nd device. To refresh again just select some other screen (i.e. About) and return to the Results screen.
  9. The recordings from your 2nd device will have a name that matches the name of the 2nd device. Scroll down to find them or search for them by name.

Hope that makes sense but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to shoot us an email or contact us through the website chat feature.


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