Before you purchase, please consider the following information:

System 2 is designed to work on enduro and cross country air spring forks. We do not support EXT or traditional coil spring forks. While you can modify our system to fit these, we will not warranty if the product is damaged being used on unsupported forks.

The System 2 rear sensor is designed to work on links with bearings pressed into the link, and NOT the frame. An easy way to see if your bike is supported is to use a Sharpie pen to mark your link:

 Next, remove the air from the shock and sit on the bike. The Sharpie line should break apart:

Notice the sharpie lines are now separated when the bike is compressed. If the line is still intact, then your bike is not supported. If this is the case, you may want to take our mechanical design (open sourced parts) and modify the paddle to fit your application. We have these parts online and they are free to download.

Another thing you can check is to download the technical maintenance manual for your bike. It will list out all of your replacement bearing parts, etc. It will also have a mechanical assembly diagram. If you have located a link you think will work, consult this diagram. Below is an example of a frame we won’t natively support due to the bearing location in the frame.
Lastly, the max diameter pivot link we support is 34mm, or 17mm from the center of the hex bolt. If your bike link is larger than 34mm diameter, then you may want to take our open source parts and modify them for your needs.

We have produced a few parts that will allow you to fit the rear sensor onto bikes not natively supported. If you’d like to consult with us prior to purchase, send and email to support@motioninstruments and we’d be happy to look at your bike. Please send a couple of pics attached to the email.