Greg Minnaar

Greg Minnaar

 "...At World Cup there is a lack of technology to set up your bike. Existing data systems are cumbersome, expensive, and difficult to use..."
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Greg Minnaar Pro downhill rider, profile image“In almost 20 years of racing, I’ve competed in 128 World Cups with 75 podiums and 21 wins. Being apart of the Syndicate gives me access to an amazing team of technicians, who work with me to tune and set up my bike to the best. At World Cup there is a lack of technology to set up your bike. Existing data systems are cumbersome, expensive, and difficult to use in a race environment (and pretty much generally). The technology Motion Instruments has built is a total game changer! Everything I need is in the palm of my hand – simple and immediate. Maximizing the bike’s performance, regardless of climate, altitude, & terrain requires tremendous data analytics – the system from Motion Instruments delivers it all at my fingertips, and will take the sport to a whole new level!”

Greg has been a part of our company early on. We first met Greg just after we incorporated as a company and had just assembled our first prototype. We were eager to show off what we had built to Greg. He quickly burst our bubble by stating we would not have a product or a company if we couldn’t solve the “bike balance” problem. Without seeing front and rear together, you won’t have a game-changing system. At the time, there was so much we didn’t know about connecting multiple sensors to a phone. Could we keep the signals in sync? Would the phone pair multiple sensors and maintain the data rate? Then there was the challenge of making a sensor that would connect to every bespoke combination of shock and bike frame.

Greg Minnaar Pro downhill rider


At the time, this seemed daunting, and no doubt it made us take a step back. We did push through and went on to solve hundreds of challenges and setbacks. Even though Greg threw a big wrench in our initial plans, working with Greg has changed our company in many ways. The product we designed is a thousand times better than what we originally envisioned.

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With a comprehensive view of your bike suspension, you will quickly forget about settings. You’ll realize that with your data analysis, you can make the modifications needed to get the desired outcome, without guessing. You’ll have more confidence in your decisions because you are using hard facts, not opinions or gut feel. If you decide you need a suspension upgrade or a tuning revalve, you can confidently state what your goals are and back this up with hard data.

Greg Minnaar Pro Downhill rider

Greg has helped us with a lot of testing of our products. One of the big innovations we designed was a unique way to visualize bike balance. This was the goal that Greg set out for us early on and it was not an easy road to get here. By working with the racers, we have created something unique. Folks that support Greg use advanced technology to build the perfect bike. With the feedback our system provides, Greg can quickly see where things are and can make big changes quickly to get the desired tune. The ability to correlate what he feels with quantitative data to back it up is a game-changer.

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